4-Way Stonze

Natural, subtle colors and an assortment of shapes simulating pebbles. These weights are perfect for fooling picky tail water fish who have seen it all and they perform better than the old fashion lead weights!

Sizes are BB, #1, #4 and #6.

6-Way Stix-N-Stonze

These are camouflaged lead-free shot shaped like sticks and stones with a multitude of natural, subtle colors.  They are most popular and can give you some of the best results. These weights are perfect for fooling picky tail water fish who have seen it all.

Sizes for Stix are #1, #3 and #5.
Sizes for the Stonez are BB, #4 and #6.

The One-Shot Split Shot

It is a small, lightweight dispenser that can dispense any one of the four sizes of split shots quickly and easily. The unique quality is it dispenses one shot at a time, eliminating the hassles you have when you get more than a hand full of shot at one time. The dispenser is refillable.

See how it works!


Camo Tungsten Putty that is easy to use and environmentally friendly. Leaves no sticky residue on your hands, clothing or gear. Simply pinch off the appropriate amount and roll it onto your leader. Before casting, dip your line into the water to set the putty. Adjustments are quick and easy and it can be removed and reused.

What People Are Saying:
“It seems like it’s easier to cast than split shots and it’s much more versatile in that I can fine tune how much or how little weight I use just by adding or removing a pinch of this stuff instead of fiddling around with split shot.” -Wayne Mumford, www.willfishforwork.com